With over 30 speciality shops selling all kinds of gifts and treats, Cheddar is a great place to shop. Enjoy local produce including Cheddar cheese (it really was invented here!), ciders and beers, health foods, farm-grown produce, sweets and clotted cream ice cream.

There are shops selling toys and models, rocks and fossils, leather and sheepskins, outdoor clothing and equipment, paintings and photographs. There’s even a Cheddar Gorge Bear shop, a doll’s house shop and a Christmas shop!

Cargo Cult Shop

If shopping is your religion, you’ll love Cargo Cult. It’s the name give to the cult that sprung up amongst headhunters in the East Indies to explain the magical appearance of treasures brought to their islands by 18th century sailing ships and later dropped by parachute to GIs in the jungle during WWII. Our Cargo Cult Shop has great gifts for friends and family, and plenty of self-indulgences for you.

Be Inspired

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"Your Adventure Caving guide Chris was excellent. We joined a party of Scouts who were very well behaved and added to our experience. We both came away having had a fantastic time. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you."

Paul & Sarah