• The Horse Hunters of Cheddar Gorge

    13th July – 1st September 2013

    To celebrate the Festival of Archeology our very own hunter-gatherers will be on hand to demonstrate their survival skills at the museum of pre-history at Cheddar Gorge.

    The event re-enacts skills used by our ancestors who followed wild horses into Cheddar Gorge as the Ice Age melted away 14,700 years ago!

    The hunter-gatherers will be showing off their stone-age survival skills of flint knapping and fire making plus displaying artifacts excavated from Gough’s Cave.

    Other activities include cave painting, quizzes, dressing up as a hunter, smelting demonstrations plus much more.

    Need to know
    • Entry is free with a Cheddar Gorge & Caves Explorer ticket
    • For more information call: 01934 742343