Step Back In Time

Gough's Cave

This beautiful stalactite cave was once occupied by horse-hunters and is the mysterious burial place of Cheddar Man. An audio guide tells the fascinating story of its Ice Age creation, Stone Age occupation and Victorian exploration.

Cheddar Man - Museum of Prehistory

Cheddar Gorge & Caves is a rich area for pre-historic discovery. Incorporating thinking of leading archaeologists, palaeontologists and anthropologists, the Museum tells the story of our ancestors’ 40,000-year struggle for survival during the Ice Age.

Gorge Open-Top Bus Tour

Enjoy a ride filled with spectacular views and interesting facts from your guide. You’ll voyage up a dry, prehistoric riverbed past the millponds that powered the production of everything from grain to gunpowder until steam came along.

Dreamhunters at Cox's Cave

Embark on an incredible multimedia experience in the magical and mysterious chambers of Cox's Cave where you'll be emersed in the adventures of early man.

The Lookout Tower

Climb the 274 steps to the Lookout Tower and 48 more to get to the top. If the climb doesn’t take your breath away, the views will! Look out across the Somerset Levels, drained by the Abbots of Glastonbury, and over to the Roman lead mines at Charterhouse.

Cliff Top Gorge Walk

A stunning 3-mile walk through an amazing landscape created by Ice Age melt waters. It became a royal hunting forest during Saxon times and has been grazed for the last 500 years. Why not take a picnic lunch and enjoy the finest views in Somerset?

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