Future Plans

Longleat Estate is currently considering a range of potential regeneration projects at Cheddar Gorge, including the possibility of a cable car and education centre, with the aim of creating a significant new visitor attraction for the area.

Such a project would help to support ongoing conservation work and make the Gorge more accessible to all visitors. It would also provide an educational resource and bring significant economic benefits to local businesses and employers.

Proposals are at a very early stage of planning and various detailed studies and investigations are being carried out by a team of specialists in order to assess the likely impact that any proposal might have on the surrounding area.



Longleat Estate is keen to share the emerging proposals and hear the views of the local community and key stakeholders as the scheme progresses.

Avril Baker Consultancy has been appointed as an independent facilitator to organise a programme of public consultation on behalf of Longleat Estate and its project team.

A public exhibition of initial proposals took place at the Bath Arms Hotel in Cheddar from 8 – 10 March. Over 550 people visited the exhibition and provided feedback. All the comments and views have been analysed and compiled into a summary report which you can view or download below.

This first round of consultation has now closed but if you have any queries, or would like to be kept informed about the progress of this project, please provide your contact details below.


Next Steps

The proposals shown at the March consultation exhibition are still at a very early stage of planning. A series of detailed studies and investigations are currently being carried out by specialists within the project team to assess the likely impact that any proposal might have on the environment and the surrounding area.

The results of these studies together with feedback from the public and ongoing discussions with the local councils, key consultative groups and other interested parties will inform the next stage in the design process.

A further round of consultation of more detailed proposals will take place in the autumn with a view to submitting a planning application later in the year.

View the March Consultation Exhibition and Summary Feedback Report

Download Consultation Exhibition (PDF - 6.9MB)

Download Consultation Summary Feedback Report (with appends) (PDF 3.0MB)

Download Consultation Summary Feedback Report (without appends) (PDF 128KB)


Avril Baker Consultancy
Tel: 0117 977 2002
Email: [email protected]

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