Embark on The Crystal Quest

Your quest begins

In the eternal fight between Good and Evil, mortal heroes battle it out with foul creatures from the underworld. It's a story based on some of the ancient beliefs that inspired Greek odysseys and Norse sagas. Experience the elven magic of this fantasy world, inspired by JRR Tolkien's honeymoon visit here in 1916.

Overcome the forces of darkness

On your adventure you'll meet Mordon the Lord of Darkness and his evil dragon Thynngar. Do you dare touch the glowing crystal protected by the fire-breathing dragon? Will you get out of the cave if you don't?

The Crystal Quest is part of Cox's Cave.

Need to know

  • You can only reach The Crystal Quest by passing through Cox's Cave.
  • Strobe lighting is in use in the cave.
  • Transcripts are available for those with impaired sight and hearing.
  • Narrow walkways and steps make it unsuitable for wheelchair users.

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"The Cheddar Caves are awe inspiring, the Crystal Quest is funny and terrifying, the museums are weirder than weird and the cliff-top walk is breathtaking. A great day out for children and adults."

From 'Get out and About' The Daily Telegraph