Step Back in Time in our Museum of Pre-History


What's the Museum about?

Cheddar Gorge & Caves are famous for the discoveries made by archaeologists about Britain's pre-historic past. The Museum tells the amazing story of how our ancestors lived through a 40,000-year struggle for survival during the Ice Age.

The Museum of Prehistory brings together the findings from Cheddar excavations and shows how they fit into the bigger global history of our species. The thinking of some of Britain's leading archaeologists, palaeontologists and anthropologists is used in telling the story.


What will I see and learn?

  • Original flint tools
  • A replica of Cheddar Man
  • Reproductions of art objects
  • Video footage and live demonstrations of our ancestors' survival skills such as flint knapping and fire making
  • A hunter-gatherers' encampment
  • Wildlife in the Gorge
  • Hands-on cave art

Kids love the hands-on cave art and chatting to our hunter-gatherer re-enactors as they demonstrate flint knapping and fire making.

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"Very interesting and great for the children to independently learn and explore, and beautiful too."