Climb Aboard For the Gorge Open-top Bus Tour

The view of a lifetime

The Cheddar Gorge Open-Top Bus tour is not currently operating. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

All aboard the open-top double-decker for your tour of the dramatic landscape of Cheddar Gorge. You'll see some of the most spectacular views ever and hear plenty of fun and interesting facts from your guide.

You'll voyage up a dry, prehistoric riverbed past the millponds where a colony of water voles make their home, and through the famous Horseshoe Bend.

You'll pass under The Pinnacles, three slender fingers of rock pointing up 450 feet - that's higher than Wembley Stadium!


Look up! What can you spot?

Peregrine falcons dive down on their prey at over 200 mph and rear their chicks on the cliffs here.

Look out for experienced climbers too as they test their nerve on over 1,000 climbs; Cheddar Gorge is considered one of the prime spots in England for climbing.

Did you know

  • The fastest ever recorded dive (or stoop) by a Peregrine falcon was at 275 mph, making them the fastest animals on the planet.
  • The watermills that were once fed by these millponds, produced everything from grain to gunpowder.

Need to know

  • The Gorge Tour Bus does not operate during inclimate weather.
  • At busy times, you may have to queue for the bus.
  • Wheelchair users note that there is a high step up to board the bus.
  • Can be booked as an optional extra for educational and group visits.

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"We loved our day so much, the students insisted we post you a review! Special thanks to Roy, who gave us such a lovely warm welcome. We enjoyed the friendly and informative talk on the bus tour given by Eszter, and Samantha was brilliant in Gough’s Cave."

East Surrey College